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Andropause - A Brief Guide

Most men're unaware that a clear symbol of hormonal changes can be discovered by testicles sizes, more to the point the change in dimensions. The general feeling, meaning if your testicles feel heavy or light and especially in size. Sperm volume during ejaculation is additionally an indication of testosterone levels - but exactly how important is?

In case your sperm volume is gloomier than normal or maybe your testicles are shrinking in space it may well mean that you've got a higher than normal estrogen levels. The negative aftereffect of unusually high estrogen levels can be a lower testosterone level. It is primarily the mismatch of men and women hormones that lead to testicular atrophy which inevitably brings about low sperm count and volume.


An absence of Sex Drive. While this affects mainly men if their upper 50's or who will be typically known as seniors, low sex drive would happen to any man of any age. Men in their late 20's have noticed this phenomenon and usually have no answers as to why it's happened or any solutions, long or short term. For most men sex will be of major importance in their lives. If your man loses the need no less than 90% of that time period this illness may be caused by alterations in hormonal levels, the industry shift in estrogen.

Waking Up With the Erection. Most men with normal numbers of testosterone will awaken with the erection because they alteration in hormones peak in early hours of the morning so because of this from a good night's sleep most men get up with and expectation to produce sexually. This desire can be frustrated as a result of high estrogen levels, hence no erection. Because wish for sex each day as well as the accompanying erection disappears slowly, it is important that guys who have this problem understand that matters will not likely improve without medical help.

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