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How Does the Fast-Track Credit Sweep Work During Manual Credit Repair?

Being the victim of identity theft is a nightmare, especially when it requires you to repair your credit. A credit sweep is often necessary in order to get rid of the issues before they get out of hand. The process can sometimes be frustrating, which is why manual credit repair is usually needed. The reasons why will only make sense once you employ the image services of the best credit repair company in the industry. will walk you through the credit sweep process, offering you tips, tricks, and solutions to your financial problems.
Step One: Analyzes Your Consumer Report before the Credit Sweep
Knowing where you stand as a consumer or business owner is the best way to fix credit report problems. Blindly thinking that simply paying your bills on time will save you from financial problems is nonsense. In this day and age, you must always have the best credit repair company on speed-dial. has the power to closely analyze your credit report for hidden accounts, inquiries, and other issues during a lightning fact credit sweep that positions you perfectly to repair your credit quickly.
Step Two: The Credit Sweep Continues with Hand-Written Disputes Submitted to FTC, Creditors, and Bureaus
Once has the information it needs to fix credit report problems on your behalf, the process is started right away. For the first week, clients need to merely sit back while professionals use a unique, labor-intensive technique to hand-write disputes that are guaranteed to beat OCR Scanners. Being the victim of identity theft does not have to be a nightmare when you work with the best credit repair company - one which provides a fast-track credit sweep that actually serves it purpose.
Step Three: The Credit Sweep Is Continued Until Can Repair Your Credit for Good
For the first few weeks (usually between three to six), most clients benefit fully from the comprehensive credit sweep. However, if there is anything left to do in order to repair your credit, will continue submitting disputes until able to completely fix credit report issues permanently. Credit repair has never been easier or quicker than it is now.
For more information on how to get a comprehensive credit sweep from, visit the website or contact a customer service agent via phone, email, or Live Chat.
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