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Remodeling is the same way. I've always said "anything carefully planned, properly executed, will be a success." A great remodeling partner helps you figure out what you want BEFORE you start by putting it down on paper and in the drawings. Professional designing with attention to the details will ensure that your project is on time, on budget, and beautiful!Secret #2: Don't Start Until You Have EverythingPicture this - your contractor demolishes the Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation bathroom (maybe the only one you have in the home). Three weeks later you're still trying to get him back. His answer to you (when you finally manage to get him on his cell phone) is that the bath tub was delivered damaged and the image shower fixtures were wrong. He further informs you that the job is now delayed 4 to 6 weeks. Not a good scenario. Unfortunately, this is all too often a real scenario. You want and need a Contractor who will order all the required products, get them in, open the boxes and make certain they are the right color, not broken and fit together properly before scheduling your job. Never let anyone tear up your home until everything you need to keep the job on time and running smoothly is delivered and on site. Ensure your Contractor (demand) that they use project scheduling software that will show you by day, by activity, by whom, what will be performed. There are no surprises. You should know exactly what's going on each and every day.

Secret #3: Hire A Professional. All Companies Are Not The Same Or EqualRemodeling is one of the largest investments you can make in your life and home. Remodeling also provides some of the highest returns on investment. For example, a properly constructed bathroom remodel can return over 132% of the invested value. A well designed and constructed kitchen can return more than 133%. In contrast, a poorly constructed and designed project can create damage that far exceeds the savings you thought you had enjoyed by hiring "the guy your friend used to paint his house." Only an experienced contractor with decades of hands on experience is truly familiar with construction and what can and can not be done. The best way to protect your assets and your personal belongings is to hire an experienced, licensed and insured contractor to build your project. Make sure there is a contract and professionally developed drawings that list and illustrate EXACTLY what you are getting. Your Contractor should provide you with consistent, pain-free, high quality remodeling.Secret #4: Hire Experience - Real ExperienceThe remodeling and construction industry is full of "Jacks of All Trades." You wouldn't hire a barber to perform brain surgery so why would you hire a plumber to remodel your bathroom or a company that builds patio covers to construct a new kitchen? Hiring someone who specializes in your type of project increases the experience level which leads to a much higher quality project, a more efficient and timely project and a higher level of product and design knowledge. When you hire a Contractor, make sure they have at least 25 years of proven hands-on experience - experience working on the job, not someone managing from behind a desk.
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