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E relationships. Extract 5. A narration of children's visits and friendship

Svensson et al. 15. E: yes:: it's incredibly essential (.) that they do not overlook me 16. I: possibly they see you as a different particular person than the a single that you are these days 17. E: yes:: they try to remember how I was when I was healthier 18. I: mm 19. E: but I do not know (1 s.) they like me for who I am now also 20. I: yes: 21. E: otherwise they wouldn't be coming Ella starts by stating, ``I am as I'm anyway'' (line 1). The function of her opening account is always to commence the Mirogabalin dialogue having a summary (Labov, 1972) and expresses her understanding on the continuity of her identity despite her age, atmosphere, and existing situations at the SHA. She continues then using a description of time, or the temporal dimension in the previous compared using the present, as well as the significance of her friend's visits to ensure that ``they do not overlook me'' (line 15). Regardless of life events becoming placed around the timeline, just before the account continues, she says that she talks about each current and previous events (line 11). They are perceived as extremely critical (line 15). In accordance with Tornstam (2011), the consequence from the value of the friendship relations and social integration relating to well-being is interwoven. The woman says that she has many buddies (line 9) and hmg/ddv251 that these contacts are vital to her. Friendship and conversations with good friends confirms the woman's existence each because it was (line 11) and since it is now (line 12). All of this identity building, confirmation of existence, and retention of own identity is noticeable (line 19). It is interesting within this account how the woman positions herself (Harre  van Langenhove, 1999) as ?a social particular person with a lot of buddies (line 9), and makes use of this to show (lines three, 5, 9) that she is usually a socially competent person who has maintained friendships throughout the years (about 50 years). Extract 7. An account in the relation involving care staff plus the topic as a source of well-being 1. E: I've to praise the employees; they are incredibly kind and valuable (.) I (.) two. they ask how would you like it Ella and how can we enable you to (.) they say (.) three. so they are very accommodating that you are kind and competent who will help and such:: 4. I: do you get as well as the staff? 5. E: yes:: quite properly 6. I: mm 7. E: we are able to joke and talk about almost everything 8. I: is the fact that critical? 9. E: it truly is essential (.) it truly is incredibly significant (.) Even the partnership with the staff at the SHA and also the care partnership are described by Ella as a subjective practical experience of well-being. In this relationship, the employees give nursing and also care. The woman praises the staff and describes them as type and useful (line 1) and says the conversations in between them touch on most factors (line 8), the act which can be regarded essential (line 10). The employees offers aid, which Ella confirms by describing how she herself desires to become helped.
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