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Numbskull Harvard Business Professors At Issue

Michelle Tennant: You know, you know and there's gonna be the next big thing, right? Whatever is after Twitter and then we're all going to have to reorient ourselves, too. Okay, well here's another crayon out of the box, right?

Michelle Tennant: From 1998 to 2002, he was the founder and CEO of Kinecta, a syndication services provider for you know, they do Reuters, the Financial Times, The Economist, Dow Investments and Yahoo. I mean you get the picture of how big deal this guy is. So, as CEO, Mathison raised $30 million in venture in strategic funding in less than two years. And now, Kinecta is actually part of Oracle, which most of us know. And before that, Mathison was the Vice President for Reuters, the world's largest news agency where he pioneered standard base online syndication.

I think what I'm doing right now, just to give you kind of an insight, is if I know my person that I'm targeting doesn't really like email, and I'm trying to get her attention? Like I did this today, actually, 'cause I knew that she actually pays more attention to her social networking site, so I sent her a message through linked-in and I got a message right away back. I was like "Oh, awesome", you know? So, but I knew that if I sent her an email, sometimes her emails get lost. So, how would you advise the rest of us on how to prioritize whether we're using Twitter, linked-in, and the rest and [beep] you actually give advice on which one, maybe give us a little one liner on what it is, a little definition in case there actually is somebody on the line who might not know what we're talking about.

management 2 7) Use any money left over in ways that increase your ability to produce more income. Why is cash flow management important to a business owner? Your cash flow is the energy and life blood of a business. It is necessary to pump it through the income producing areas to keep it running well. Everything runs smoother when cash is available.

Notify your bank/credit union. Another important step in rebuilding your credit enough to get a credit card again is to build a relationship with your lender. This can be either your bank or your credit union. The stronger relationship you have with them, the more likely they are to view you as a "low risk" consumer rather than a "high risk" consumer. They need to know your story, not just what your finances look like on paper.

Show your gratitude. Praise business platform . Show them that you appreciate the great work they do for you and your clients. Let them know that the skills they bring to your team really do make a difference and you value them. Put it in every email to them. Just a few kind words of praise and appreciation can go a very long way.

David Mathison: Everybody is an important, you know, anyone that comes and follows you in Twitter could be a critical lead for you, absolutely. And treat it just like you would treat any other relationship and really investigate that. Now maybe you'll find that nine out ten, but you get the same thing at a trade conference, right? Nine of ten leads maybe not into anything at all, but there may be one golden lead in there and I think that's what I see a lot of going on, is that a lot of people are just treating them as just followers and not really treating them as leads and as human beings and people that they may have interesting partnership opportunities with.
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