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How An Online Project Management System Can Reduce Stress

Collaboration Gone Bad One of my pet hates is software that gobbles time from everyone in the business to keep it up to date. Many systems that give you the golden vision of managing your whole business require time sheeting, task and progress updating, status reporting, issue and risk, action updates etc.

Let's use this example to show the separation. Most facilities that make something have offices in the front, and production facilities in the back. In the front offices, this is where the decisions are made in regards to what will be made in the back, and when they will be made. Sound familiar? This where the T.M. hats are worn.

The points I want to share with you today are simple yet very effective when it comes to proper planning. These are two questions that you should ask yourself, and answer every time you are about to plan or do something. First, what is the outcome? Second, what is the next action required?

People usually work better virtually when the boss is not breathing down their neck. So use project management software to manage task deadlines but do it in a way that makes it a goal that the team can take pride in achieving.

In his book "Think and Grow Rich" Napoleon Hill talks about having a definite purpose and goal and how this needs to be so much bigger than ourselves.

One of the best things about management t tools is their ability to allow all users in a project group to collaborate. Oddly enough the worst thing about them is the fact that sometimes they rely to heavily on these people to keep the content up to date. Let me explain.

From , it is always a good idea to keep tabs on what is going on with your design. What are the specifications needed. Are there any customizations required? If unbiased , how much will the budget for your print materials balloon into?
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