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HE THEN REQUESTED/INSTRUCTED ME TO GO DOWN…: A girl’s story of her first escorting experience.

I started out by doing work as a call-girl in a brothel and I really do not have any exciting recollections, the brothel had repeat clients that usually wanted to fuck the new recruit, the women competed for the clients in a sleazy manner and when you were popular with the clients, it grew to become problematic with the women as these same customers were seeing one of the others before you.
The brothel provided outcalls were you went out to the punters residence or hotel and though out-calls paid a little bit more, they also had their discomforts too. I was sent to hotels and I would have no idea what I'd find behind the door, I was usually really terrified there was going to be a party of guys and I'd end up being gang-raped.
I cant recall my very first out-call but I vividly recall the second, it was an out-call to a home in imagea posh area of London, the client lived in a very beautiful property in a gated compound, almost everything in his property was warm, the colours and smells were all neutral with a scent of cinnamon, the entire vibe was so calming I was immediately calmed to my core. He was a very handsome man with a soft relaxed smile, his eyes were as sharp as polished steel and he welcomed me with a lovely gentle English accent. He poured me a glass of chilled white wine and even though I was advised never to drink alcohol at a booking and definitely not with a new client, for some strange reason I begun by breaking this rule that night with that customer. Jim was extremely gentle in his manner, he led me to the bed room and politely asked if he could tie me up, promising it to be innocent fun, there was something about him that even then, I wasn’t terrified and I allowed, he then went ahead and firmly tied me up….
I had not in my wildest dreams ever seen or imagined people would be kinky to that extent, he did stuff to and with me that I had never seen or believed possible or hygienically appropriate, I was at his house for about four hrs in all and when I finally left, I was sore and bruised all over...
I called the brothel on my way home to let them know I was taking the rest of the day and the following day off work to heal, even after all that, when I got home and counted the money he had given me, I was not sure I would decline if he called to see me again, the two days I had taken off work were extremely well compensated for and much much more, Interestingly I never saw him again, I think he only saw new girls on their first day...

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