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Picking the Right Music DJ for Your Wedding

I've been an expert DJ for more than 20 years having played at a large number of events. The most prevalent concern We have from prospective clients at meetings is: "What type of music does one play?"


I only say concern, instead of question, as invariably they have been to a recent event where the DJ has cleared a dance floor on several occasions, over played inappropriate tracks and switched between music genres in a incoherent way, and don't want this happening on the big event.

You'll find obvious logic behind why this will happen i.e. inexperienced wedding DJ, an old DJ would you not understand recent music or a young DJ would you not understand the classics, or for the worst situation a DJ who hates doing weddings, booked by a rubbish agency and it has done it just for the cash, since there was hardly anything else on that day.

These as well as other obvious reasons for a bad performance can usually be prevented start by making sure you book which has a best rated reputable Wedding DJ in your community your location getting your Wedding - with lots of testimonials however, I would not wish to set off topic as this comes under "choosing the most effective DJ to your wedding". A topic I will cover within a future article. A few things i wish to mention here specifically is the wedding music selection or playlist.

Most Wedding DJ's today offer some sort of selection form or online music database where one can incorperate your favourite songs to ensure these tracks are played for your wedding, adhere to what they this not used with care it can supply the DJ a distorted and confused check out your music requirements. This can be avoided by taking the next ideas into account.

Provided you happen to be confident in your musical tastes and people of one's guests, a nicely engineered song list is definitely an invaluable tool to the client as well as the DJ to ensure the music activity isn't just this songs you desire but allows the DJ to program the background music mixing and switching subtly between genres to help make the music flow all night. The truth is supplying a music selection method, became one of the biggest requirements in choosing a DJ.

I might never counsel you to give the DJ a rigid playlist that you just want played in exact order - the DJ needs the pliability to try out the best song in the perfect time that may vary between events.

A great deal of Wedding DJ websites list essentially the most requested 200 wedding songs from different eras and designs together with top 200 current and recent chart requests that happen to be up graded. (Through the years particular songs appear in and beyond fashion) this is an excellent tool to begin choosing and preparing your song options for the wedding playlist.

The most successful wedding receptions are those that include a large variety of musical genres. An excellent wedding DJ will need into account the client's requested tracks and use their experience to play the right music at the proper time to accommodate that particular occasion.
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