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By Lawrence Biemiller What you need to know about the past seven days. Female Astronomers: Outsiders in Their Field By Robin Wilson Many say they are underestimated, discriminated against, even harassed. Some find support from one another and,Celebrity Lace Wigs, crucially, from their universities. 1966: First Issue of The Chronicle Here's a look at the cover of our very first issue, published 49 years ago today. 'I'm Gonna Rise Above What I Was Doing' Chicago taught Tavaris Sanders how to survive among gang members. Is there room for him to thrive at a liberal-arts college? Diversity Training Is in Demand. Does It Work? By Steve Kolowich Campus prejudice cannot be solved in an afternoon. But institutions like the University of Missouri, where racial tension has provoked a wave of protests, hope such programs can foster meaningful change. Facing Protests About Racial Climate,hair extensions, Another Campus Administrator Steps Down By Sarah Brown Mary Spellman, dean of students at Claremont McKenna College,Wholesale Virgin Human Hair Wigs, resigned after her comments in an email to a student prompted protests and hunger strikes. At Kansas, Student Leaders Take the Blame for Racial-Climate Concerns By Sarah Brown Three student-government leaders are facing calls to resign after some of their peers criticized how they responded to activists
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