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of plays. And if you think about it, it was a job. You got paid to come to school, and the work you put in was what you were doing on the field."

Finally, she asks about his degree, which he hasn't listed.

"What's your major?" she asks.

"Sports management."

"Is that a bachelor of science or arts?" she says.

He doesn't know,Wholesale hair extensions, so he walks a few steps away to ask Ms. Connell.

"Do I have a bachelor of science or arts?&quot,charm female; he says.

Ms. Connell comes out of her office and heads toward Ms. Rusboldt. "He has a bachelor of liberal studies in interdisciplinary studies,brazilian hair," she says.

Mr. Cathey sits back down, a staff member by each side. He taps out, "Bachelor of Liberal Studies."

"Type 'in Interdisciplinary Studies,'" Ms. Rusboldt says.

"How do you spell that?"


After putting himself through a month of twice-a-day workouts, Mr. Cathey decided to ice his NFL dreams. "I'm not gonna go through with it," he said, a few days before scouts were due on the campus. "If I get it, I don't want to be out of the picture with the family."

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