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The treatment becomes more important in case of boys, because they have not fully developed their secondary sexual characteristics. Even here the treatment involves the testosterone replacement therapy, but using different methods. A successful therapy may help in the development of beard, pubic hair growth, penile growth, and muscle growth. The treatment may include the usage of testosterone injections, patch that can deliver testosterone to the body, and rubbing testosterone gel on different parts of the body. Patients also have the option to use testosterone-based gum which has to be stuck to the gum line. And finally, oral administration is also available, but it is not so popular. The reason behind this is its risk of increasing cholesterol levels, liver problems and developing heart conditions. Some Natural Tips to Increase Testosterone Levels Increase zinc in your diet. Increases consumption of omega-3 fatty acids. Exercise regularly. It helps in reducing stress and treating obesity. Eat more green vegetables, and fruits to ensure that you are getting enough vitamins and minerals. Get adequate rest and sleep. Take vitamin supplements, but consult a doctor first. Avoid sauna or steam bath, and hot shower frequently. Such activities raise the temperature of the testicles and this may affect the production of testosterone. Shun smoking, and limit alcohol. Low testosterone can be a matter of serious concern, especially when it happens to children or teens. So it becomes the duty of the parent Like it or not, that's the way men are, have been and always will be! Even the meekest, nerviest among the male populace will have greater interest in stuff that's at least adrenaline pumping if not downright violent. Don't believe me? Well, the next time you go visit that studious, geeky friend of yours, make sure to check out his video games collection - shoot me in my head if you don't find the likes of Call of Duty, Transformers, Metal Gear, Gears of War, Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto among his games collection.
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