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How to Entry UAN Account Following Changing Mobile Number

Accessing UAN Accounts After Changing Mobile Quantity

The UAN portal gives you the facility to find out you PF balance, Status of PF transfer, Obtain PF passbook and KYC publish. The UAN offers eased our own life. Yet, you don’t will need this accounts regularly. It is extremely easy to forget the UAN and its security password.

You can access the UAN number with all the status examine of the UAN. You may also reset the actual password utilizing your UAN number and also mobile amount. But you don’t have a way to access the UAN consideration without the pass word or cellular number. If someone loses both, it seems a defunct end.

Real world Mode of Mobile Amount Change

The particular registered cell number is the key to totally reset UAN password. Therefore, if you drop the listed mobile quantity, you can sign-up new cellular number.

The process of registering fresh mobile quantity goes through the employer. You have to compose an application around the letterhead of your employer. Obtain the sign up of new cell number. Attest this application to your employer. Submit the applying to the regional PF office.


The employer also can forward this particular application. You may also send that through the speed post. After 15 nights, you should get an SMS concerning the new mobile number registration. The Text itself would be sent to a fresh mobile amount.

Now you can reset to zero UAN portal password using the new cell number.

However, EPFO has taken a great initiative to eliminate such difficulties. It experienced made a mechanism to deal with ‘forget password’ and some other problems. You will solve this kind of mobile quantity change problem from the EPFO internet site. However, UAN portal doesn’t have any such link.

In the staff section, there is a new link of UAN helpdesk. This particular link qualified prospects us towards the new page of the helpdesk. The helpdesk has individual windows for that employee and employer.

Studying the employee eye-port, You will attain to the helpdesk site. In this web page, you will get the dropdown list of EPF problems. There would be your issue of reset password with out mobile.

After the submission, you will get an OTP for that verification. Give the OTP and distribute the form. This can generate a software ID. Ensure that it stays with you. The particular EPFO will solve the problem and send fresh password in your new cell number.
UAN Sign up


Every staff holding the PF (Provident Fund) consideration is permitted register for the UAN. UAN (Universal Consideration Number) is a unique 12-digit program code assigned to each employee holding a PF account. Introduced by the actual EPFO, the UAN has made processes of the EPF such as transfers, refunds, contributions, etc. seamless. For first time customers, this is how a person register the UAN.

  Log on to the link: // as well as enter the state you are located within.
  Enter your PF quantity and business code. Your salary fall should contain your PF quantity if you’re unsure of it.
  Next, click on the “Check status” button on the web page. After clicking on that, the page will highlight the status of your UAN. It's going to say “UAN will be activated”.
  After activating your own UAN, take a screenshot of the same and also report it to your boss, who will next use your UAN with regard to transfer of PF money.

UAN login

Once you have registered and triggered your UAN, the next phase is to login. In order to login on the UAN member portal, jump on to the site ( All you need is your own UAN to access your money and check the PF status, balance and so on. When you have forgotten their particular UAN and security password, using your listed mobile number will be all you need. On the EPFO member portal, accessing your account can be achieved via UAN, proof of identification quantity - Skillet number, Aadhaar card number, and so forth
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