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, 2007). We show that IMP3 RNP granules contain large amounts of?HMGA2 transcripts, and that IMP3 locasomes protect and upregulate HMGA2 by opposing the intersection between Ago2/let-7 and HMGA2 mRNA. IMP3 RNP granules also contain a number of other let-7 target mRNAs, including the pluripotency factor LIN28B mRNA, that promote tumor growth and embryonal development by inhibiting let-7 biogenesis. A global gene set enrichment analysis (GSEA) analysis demonstrated that the protective role of IMP3 includes miRNA-regulated transcripts in general. We propose that IMP3 locasomes may function as cytoplasmic safe MI-773 in vitro houses that prevent miRNA-directed mRNA decay of proto-oncogenes during tumor progression and embryogenesis. High levels of RNA-binding IMP3 have been associated with poor outcome and metastasis in cancers of the lung, kidney, colorectal, breast, and ovary (Beljan Perak et?al., 2012, Bellezza et?al., 2009, Findeis-Hosey et?al., 2010, Hoffmann et?al., 2008, Jiang et?al., 2008a, Jiang et?al., 2008b, K?bel et?al., 2009, Lochhead et?al., 2012, Walter et?al., 2009?and?Yuan et?al., 2009). To identify putative oncogenic mechanisms connected to IMP3, we examined IMP3 mRNA expression in a series of 270 tumors from the above cancers and searched for transcripts that were correlated with find more the presence Oxalosuccinic acid of IMP3. IMP3 was expressed at high levels in ?45% of the tumors. Compared with background in the negative tumors, IMP3 levels were on average ?6.5-fold higher among positive tumors. Some positive tumors exhibited an up to 40-fold increase in IMP3 (Figure?1A). To identify transcripts that were associated with IMP3 expression, we first employed a two-way comparison of IMP3-positive tumors (>6 IMP3 log2 values) and IMP3-negative tumors (<4.5 IMP3 log2 values) to depict enriched transcripts (Figure?1B). We found that 163 transcripts were enriched in IMP3 tumors after setting a p value cutoff at 1E-10 and a q value of 1E-10. The most enriched transcript encoded HMGA2 (p?= 1.9?�� 10?13), followed by ARNTL2, TOP2A, IGF2BP2 (IMP2), SLC2A1, and MTHFD1L. The enrichment of IMP2 is in agreement with the fact that HMGA2 promotes transcription of the IMP2 gene ( Brants et?al., 2004?and?Li et?al., 2012). A GSEA in the?molecular signatures database MSigDB ( showed that IMP3-associated mRNAs overlapped with the Gene Ontology (GO) terms Cell_Cycle_Process (p?= 6?�� 10?13), Mitotic_Cell_Cycle (p?= 8?�� 10?12), Spindle (p?= 1?�� 10?10), and Cell_Cycle_Phase (p?= 6?�� 10?10), indicating that IMP3-positive tumors, in agreement with previous reports, were characterized by fast proliferation ( Hartmann et?al., 2012).</div>
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