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How To Open Dvd Case Lock Without Magnet

How can i lock a information DVD/CD with a Password

How several situations you have felt to lock your CD/DVD Disc Information to avert from other searching by way of your disc or copying disc articles? I am self-confident it will quite handful of occasions. None of the popular cd-dvd burning computer software video dvd locker software download program materials any such characteristic.
You may have to use some kind of application plan, you can not just empower an alternative to password defend the disk, you could image have to encrypt the info by some implies.

Under is SS Electrical power Disc Lock freeware useful resource which offers amount of useful functions like Anti Copying Understanding From Disc., soften away CD-DVD, ISO on fly with Lock, Anti Extracting Information From Disc and ISO File. Check under complete characteristics checklist.
Attributes of SS Vitality Disc Lock

one particular. Melt away Info on Disc With Lock on the Fly.

2. Capability to Make and Soften away Common and Guarded Regular ISO File (*.iso ) .

three. Capability to Detect Unlawful Replicate (Anti Liquor one hundred twenty% , Clonecd ) .

four. Anti Extracting Knowledge From Disc and ISO File (Anti IsoBuster ) .

six. Anti Copying Info From Disc.

seven. Prospective to Disguise Data From Working Method .

8. Capacity to Resizing Every File and Each and every Folder up to 4GB Without possessing Demolish Extra Spot on Disc .

9. No Need to have of Additional Information Like Poor Sectors, Weak Sectors….

10. No Need of Distinct Disc or Gadget.
thankyou so significantly

internet site url in alright. but u cannot safeguard DVDs over a single GB with cost-free design.
Manoranjan Dalal

can i soften absent any video clip that perform in cd/dvd player, but anybody could not copy or melt away it ?
Philip Kyalo

how can i lock CD/DVD
Aditya Parmar

how to lock CD/DVD?

Can you propose me a entirely cost-free software program to lock the info in a DVD or CD?
I am seeking for a personal computer computer software which can lock the information develop in to a cd or dvd. anyone know this sort of softwares. Bear in mind to aid me to lock the info in a CD or DVD.

have in no way listened to of some thing like that. Even with Company High quality DRM (Electronic authorized rights Management) That is Certainly not free of charge, you can just rip it correct off. There is practically nothing to preserve it on the disc. The Disc subsequent all is a referred to as a DVD-ROM or CD-ROM

Digital Functional Disc - Study Only Memory
Compact Disc - Go through Only Memory

It was produced to be study. Not optimistic of any stage in creating a laptop application to stop that.

If you want to have a program that restricts what the customer can do with what is on your disc. Google "Entirely free of charge DRM"

I seemed for somthing comparable not too lengthy in the past but found a great deal of arms out inquiring for cash
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